About FOAM

Free, open-access, medical education (FOAM) is a concept that has swept the medical education community in the last several years. The idea is simple: anyone should have access to high quality, medical education. People shouldn’t have to pay for it and they shouldn’t have to travel to get it.

FOAM was coined by Dr. Mike Cadogan (of Life in the Fastlane) and it has taken off like wildfire since then with a strong, grassroots foundation. While it started out in the emergency medicine community, it has since expanded to include EMS, critical care, resuscitation, toxicology, and nursing, among other fields.

Since its inception in 2012 FOAM has gained a significant amount of popularity. Dr. Scott Weingart’s EMCrit blog and podcast are astoundingly popular, and peer reviewed literature has embraced FOAM as a legitimate form of medical education. Some fantastic websites, such as The Bottom Line (similar to an online journal club), have evolved in parallel with the FOAM movement.

So how does MIG Labs fit in to this community? Until now, there have been relatively few FOAM resources that focus specifically on prehospital medicine. In light of the amazing educational opportunities that have come out of some of the blogs and podcasts named above (and many that were not named), we felt that the prehospital community could benefit from some free, open-access, medical education. We also felt very passionately that this effort should be led by prehospital providers.

And MIG Labs was born.

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